Best Designs & Acoustical Accuracy

The science of delivering the perfect sound to your ears is something we at Thasmai take very seriously. While the science behind sound is well understood, using it to create optimal acoustical performance within a specific room or set up can be complicated. There’s no One-size-fits-all acoustical “solution” that can be universally applied to building design. Each room offers its own unique set of acoustical parameters. For example, the acoustical design for a Meeting room in an office differs from the design needed for a classical theater. Understanding these differences and knowing how to utilize building materials, system design and technologies are key factors behind successful acoustical design.

Take the journey with us, as we transform an empty room into a perfect movie den for your family and friends! We ensure that the right mix of sound proofing, absorbing and reflecting material is used across the room to ensure the most optimal sound experience for you, yet maintain a tasteful decor that rivals the best theater.

Choose from Myriad Home Theatre Designs

Customized to deliver the perfect acoustical experience in your room, for your Home theater needs. All you have to do is provide us with an empty room, we create a customized solution that accounts for your room's dimensions, your budget, and your Theater requirements.

While virtually every material within a room – from furniture to floor carpeting to projection screens – affects sound levels to one degree or another, wall partitions, ceiling systems and floor/ceiling assemblies are the primary elements that our designers use to control sound and make the optimal sound experience in your dream theater.

Ask to visit the Home theaters we've already set up in Bangalore across different budgets to see how the outcome looks like!